About Custom Mala Shop

My name is Jason Walz and I am the owner and resident artist at Custom Mala Shop. I started making malas back in 2002 when I was deep into Kung Fu. Now, many years later, I no longer practice the martial arts but I focus a great deal of my time expanding my understanding of the world through philosophy and literature. Making Malas allows me to express myself artistically. Although really it is the customer who comes up with the majority of the creativity involved I do get to play at “artist” as I put together the customer’s creation. I get great satisfaction and peace from doing something as simple as watching a diamond tipped drill bit slowly sink into a lapis bead. I find it relaxing to sit and drop bead after bead onto a strand of cord and listen to the “clack-clack-clack”.

A little more biographically speaking I am a married and the dad of four adult children and the Pappa of a super-cool 3.5 year old named Brogan. We have a shy Chiweenie, a crazy Cocker Spaniel, a rambunctious young Golden Retriever, and a mood and capricious cat.  They help me make Malas by sleeping on the sofa all day (or under my feet!). I live in the amazing neighborhood of Agritopia in Gilbert Arizona and ride my mountain bike on the local trails regularly.